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We are the most updated client in North America

Full English Support

We have painstakingly translated the entire project including the client to English.

Armory and Wiki

We have built a full Armory to research items. We have also created a Wiki consisting of videos and guides to help new players.

Active GM's and Mini-Events

Our GM's are very active and routinely host Mini-Events for the players. Join the fun!

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Updates 2/19

Server Updates Teleporter Locations for Talking Island Updated Teleporter Locations for DVC Updated Player Commands and Emotes improved. Many...

Announcing Character Clones!

We have decided to bring character cloning to JustLineage! You will now have the option of bringing over your...


We’ve pushed a new update to JL! Yes, we’re still here. Party’s will now work correctly with the latest...

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Meet the GM & Dev Team



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Lead GM & Developer



The Architect

Lead GM & Developer



Database Engineer & The Lieutenant

Master of Database, Leader of the Players

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