Using YOUR voting points in-game

In-game rewards are available once you’ve voted.  You can vote by going here.

The buff potions are purchased for 2pts.  Use the following commands in-game to purchase.

For Melee characters use : -buymelee

For Ranged characters use: -buyranged

We’ll be adding new commands as needed.  Looking at you Wizards.


You can vote once every 24 hours per Web Account.  Visit your account here.

Character Cloning is going very well.  Bring your friends over and start hunting immediately.

Look out for referral and -bug rewards coming soon !


For players that have not logged in in over 30 days.  Please do your best to be as active as possible, including voting.

Players requesting name though character cloning will take precedence over characters that have not logged in in the last 30 days.

There are no plans to purge any names, currently we are renaming them with numbers at the end of the name.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact any member of the GM team in-game, on discord, or on the forums.

Updates 2/19

Server Updates

Teleporter Locations for Talking Island Updated

Teleporter Locations for DVC Updated

Player Commands and Emotes improved.

Many translations improved.

Website Design Update

We’ve updated the design, functionality and security of the website. You will now earn 50 voting points for each vote.
You’ll notice many design changes to make it a bit easier on the eyes and to navigate.

We typically update daily or weekly.

We will be introducing recruit rewards very soon!

Announcing Character Clones!

We have decided to bring character cloning to JustLineage!

You will now have the option of bringing over your character from any other private server.

Just message a GM through Discord or post a request in the new forum section.

We know this is one of the biggest hurdles to leaving a server, you don’t want to start over! Well, now you don’t have to.

~ Server Updates ~

Combo Exp is now working correctly!

Tower of Oman is nearing completion and should be release within the next day or 2.

Many more translations continue to roll in and many existing are now improved!

Talking Island Dungeons have returned! Enter using the main teleporter and then enter the dungeon.

~ JL Team ~



We’ve pushed a new update to JL! Yes, we’re still here.

Party’s will now work correctly with the latest connector.

Einhasad has been improved and works properly.

Most buff icons that weren’t working, are now fixed.

The new stat window is now fully functional!

We’ll be release an event soon.. just because!

We have also released an updated client zip. Unzip and Play!

~ JL Team ~

Christmas Event!

Ho! ho! ho!

Tis the Season for a Christmas Event!

2x Drop, 2x Adena, 2x Donation Activated

Level up Santa to 60 has been added for new players.

Starts Tonight @9pm 12/22/2017 and runs through the New Years

We are also releasing an updated connector and a Christmas Giran Map!

Merry Christmas Everyone!

~JL Team~

JustLineage Deathmatch Event #2

A full moon has appeared and so have a lot of other familiar faces.

Treasure worth dying for.. but don’t worry, you won’t lose experience 🙂

Saturday, Dec 2nd 2017 at 8 PM CST (9 PM EST)

  • Large groups of enemies to fight
  • The best bosses in the game
  • Bosses with custom drops
  • EXP



Thanksgiving Event and Client Update

Heroes Beware!

Something is afoot in Aden.

Sources tell us Thanksgiving Criminals have infiltrated the monsters of Aden.

They have a plot to take over Thanksgiving, it is up to you to find and destroy them.

The criminals have been gathering and stealing goodies from all over Aden.

If you find enough criminals they will reveal the location of their Crime Lord.

Event Begins 11/20/2017

** More Details **

You will have a 50% chance to spawn a “Thanksgiving Criminal” if you kill a monster within 5 levels of your level.

You will receive 1 point per criminal kill. Once reaching 50 Points you will be able to use -goturkey to teleport the “Thanksgiving Crime Lord”.

The Crime Lord will respawn every 10 minutes. Whoever receives the deathly blow to him will receive ALL drops and be auto-teleported to Giran.

** 2+ Players is recommended for the Crime Lord **


We have also released the latest version of the client bringing us up to date with Live once again.

Client Version 2017-11-14 — Only 5 days old.

Grab the latest connector here or in setup guide.

Run Lineage.exe and let client fully update.

Run new connector and patch like normal.




JustLineage Deathmatch Event #1

Hello everyone,

I will be hosting a deathmatch event on Saturday at 8 PM CST (9 PM EST). There will be large groups of enemies to fight and then there will be some unique bosses spawned at the end. Thank you for everyone who participated in the mini-event last night to test some of the bosses. Please provide normal enemy ideas in the comments below, your suggestions will be used to create large groups of the enemy of your choice plus some that I have chosen. This event is designed to bring the players EXP and good drops. The event area will allow you to die without losing experience.

Thank you for playing JustLineage!

– GmHexis

Player Guides event

Hello everyone, we are hosting an event where we will be rewarding players with 10 ncoin for written guides, 15 ncoin for video guides, and 25 for both (meaning if your video contains text). Below are the chosen topics for guides, if you can come up with more that are also helpful please submit those as well. Please submit your guides to the Discord chat channel with your in-game named assigned to it or submit it directly to GmHexis#3848 OR Yorger in Discord. We appreciate any submissions, however only the quality submissions that will be used on the website will receive a reward. I will post examples next to each topic but we encourage you to expand on these ideas.

Thank you for playing JustLineage.

Leveling & Hunting Guide – example: zones to hunt until level 75 and then beyond 75 (please provide a variety of hunting zones, not just the best zones for EXP gain)

Enchanting Guide – example: unique tshirts that require specific enchant scrolls and how to purchase them; explain how to obtain enchant scrolls for certain accessories and how to improve that accessory with enchants and crafting (example: blessed rumtis)

NPC & Item Guide – example: explain what certain NPCs have that are new to lineage, meaning the items/scrolls/buff pots not found in the old school lineage client.. runes, shoulder armor, etc..

Boss Drop Guide – example: how to access bosses that are unique to the new client and/or drops that are on bosses that are valuable (example: Lich drops Orims’ Garnet, an in-game currency)

Weapon Guide – example: class specific items that are unique to the new client and how to obtain them

Armor & Accessory Guide – example: class specific items that are unique to the new client and how to obtain them; which Rumtis to use for which class and other accessory info

Doll Guide – example: class specific dolls and dolls that are great for any class; how to currently obtain dolls
Crafting Guide – example: how to craft superior diamond dragons.. how to obtain cooking materials.. etc..

Boss Event!

When: Sunday Oct. 29th 9 PM EST / 8 PM CST

Tell your friends and come have fun – no experience loss on death!