Setup guide

To play you will need a website and game account, which will be created by following this guide.


Create a web account by clicking on Register, after go to Account Management and click Create New Account. The account name must be 5 letters or longer in length.

Once done, download the client :


5,771.18 MB | 1005 downloads


Extract your client and double click Lineage.exe to update your client to korean live.  You will want to press the left orange button in the window that pops up, then wait for it to finish.  Afterwards click the X in the top right corner to close.

From here double click JustLineage.exe in the same folder as Lineage.exe to run the connector.  Click The orange Launch button, and on the following pop up, press okay to patch, and cancel to launch.  If this is the first time playing, it is advised to press okay.  You will want to wait a little bit to let it download the patch, and once done, run lineage.exe to pack it (follow same stats as before, it will pack the downloaded files into the game files)

Once all patched up, just launch the connector, press cancel on the popup, and load up the game.  Log in via the account created earlier, and create your characters.